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Video Conversion in Progress.<
Uploader Ruben_Exe,
Tags Animated Equestria_Girls frienship_games Indigo_Zap Ruben_exe Sunset_Shimmer
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- Reply
tomas-cartman: Trixie pls
- Reply
Sago: Hope you have more coming! Very very cool!

- Reply
Ruben_Exe: @tomas-cartman: Ok, just m going to finish other 2 animation are in stock.c I already have the rigid of Aria, then only going to make the rigid of trixie.

- Reply
Ruben_Exe: Maybe later Pinkie and Lemon, maybe...

- Reply
tomas-cartman: Ok wanna try point from second side? Like reverse cowgirl

- Reply
Uncensored_Loli: Maybe creampie for all of them?
- Reply
Anonymous1: You've been producing lots of quality content! Do you have a patreon or something like that? I'd certainly contribute for all the stuff you've done so far.

- Reply
Ruben_Exe: @Anonymous: ThanX anon, i really think isnt a good animations, maybe with a better computer i can do best animations.I dont have patreon, but if someone wants to help me the only i need is render the animations, my computer still use XP and is a pain in the ass render just few second.

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Ruben_Exe: @Uncensored_Loli: Yes, im thinking make a creampie version.

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