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Uploader oYlihan,
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islandspa: higher res version anywhere?
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oYlihan: Sure, on this site the gif gets compressed quite severally. Here's the original gif:

And here's the avi, which is double in size:

Larger still image:

I will release the source eventually, which allows you to walk around for yourself through different sections.

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ricoaio: Is this the actual game? awesome

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chenlu121648: This is very powerful, I guess it will be a game? It was great and looking forward to it!
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Anonymous1: I can't believe this. SUPER!
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Anonymous2: I appreciate that your going to give this source out immensely, thank you. This is amazing never thought I'd ever see this in my life time lol. Were u going to post most of this stuff, like updates here? Thanks again for being awesome!
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MassErrect: What did you make this with? nice