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islandspa: higher res version anywhere?
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oYlihan: Sure, on this site the gif gets compressed quite severally. Here's the original gif:

And here's the avi, which is double in size:

Larger still image:

I will release the source eventually, which allows you to walk around for yourself through different sections.

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ricoaio: Is this the actual game? awesome

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chenlu121648: This is very powerful, I guess it will be a game? It was great and looking forward to it!
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Anonymous1: I can't believe this. SUPER!
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Anonymous2: I appreciate that your going to give this source out immensely, thank you. This is amazing never thought I'd ever see this in my life time lol. Were u going to post most of this stuff, like updates here? Thanks again for being awesome!
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MassErrect: What did you make this with? nice
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oYlihan: I can rip every location with sh_2-4 level viewer combined with 3dvia. Then I import it back and forth from 3ds max and blender to automatically fix the ripping problems. I use Unity 5 as engine and have a copy of the female animset pro by kubold, which is high quality mocap with a controller. The face,animation was done by hand within an hour because I needed to fix the skinning. Anyway, my desktop pc died as predicted. I still have all files on my external drive so when I buy a new pc I can continue the work as planned.
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Anonymous3: Ive tried ripping models from the level viewer all different versions can't seem to get it to work it says error in log files. Just wondering is it supposed to work that way with the dumping models or u ripping the models with a different method? A lot of the model rippers I tried need older Windows OS.
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oYlihan: It doesn't work on the fly. You need to put in the folder path to the root folder of Silent Hill and don't forget to put the '/' at the end.
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Anonymous4: Ya I did that.

o_sh3_data_dir h:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\SILENT HILL 3\data\

I read it awhile ago I put it as this, if I put the main SH3 folder it just say data not found.

Doesn't seem to work with Silent Hill 2 or 3 don't know why. Thx for the reply tho. I tried for a few hours trouble shooting with compatibility modes and trying different methods doesn't seem to work I can view models but cant extract them even the texture extract the model though doesn't output, strange.
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Anonymous5: SH2-3-4_Viewer_0.9b

Both versions do the same problem.
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oYlihan: Like I said. Run 3dvia printscreen alongside model viewer and press the capture key you set. It will generate an xml file that contains both texture and model.

The modelviewer itself is only for the sake of being captured by the other software.
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Anonymous6: Ah Im out of ideas. I got sh_initial_loader to export .smd files but they are unreadable for some reason by any 3d program. I got the model viewer and level viewer to export .txt files to be converted to a model, they are unreadable by 3d programs as well. Then I try what you say with 3dvia printscreen. It just halts all applications nothing starts all versions of the viewers all browsers everything just hangs when it's running, not sure WTH is going on. Been trouble shooting all different versions for almost a week just wanted models to use in game art, it's all hopeless no info about 3d via troubleshooting this issue. I appreciate the replies tho good luck with your project.