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UnderCoverFap: Clementine Season 3 SOURCE FILM MAKER Model:

Clementine Season 3 Model release by AlieN on Steam:


Anyways, are prayers to Gosh in the Sky have been answered!

AlieN, along with HAOSov from the Steam Community have created the SOURCE FILM MAKER Model for The Walking Dead Season 3 Clementine.

However, the guy says he is STILL having trouble creating the model's facial Structure/Rigging.
So if anyone here wants to lend him a hand, contact AlieN or HAOSov on steamcommunity.



If you have any questions, please wait 10 minutes as I can only answer based on the site's comment time limitation.

AlieN's comment:

Author - Telltale Games and Alien

A litle help for me - HAOSov:

AS IS and no warranty. No face animations (that sucks), maybe from next life)

Feel free to change this models whatever you wanted to do -_-
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sfmloveyou: yayyyy let the animations begin

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4ere4nik: @sfmloveyou: not yet. The face animation is broken. But we will waiting :3
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UnderCoverFap: @4ere4nik: Yeah, unfortunately. D:

So we won't be seeing any cute blow jobs or facial expressions anytime soon. But if anyone wants to animate Clementine giving a catatonic hand job, they can.

Lizendy has been working with the Xnalara Xps Clementine model and has fixed some weight painting and put a mouth on her:

So give enough time for the 3D modelers to come out of the wood work to make Clementine fun. :D
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USAgent: It's happening

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ifuckwowsluts2: nothing can beat season 1 and 2 clementine
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USAgent: @ifuckwowsluts2: Except S3 Clementine does so pretty fucking handedly.
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nongawd: New clem design is dog shit
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gat: Oh god she looks awful now, gross.