Zetsuban: Would have been better with just 1 futa. >>>
Zetsuban: Bless you, Rastafarian. >>>
Zetsuban: @wesker1984: Much appreciated. >>>
Zetsuban: @Anon6: I see, interesting. >>>
Zetsuban: @Nicktheriddler: Pay 60 bucks for a game just to find... >>>
Zetsuban: So is Kaine actually a futa, or is this just a case... >>>
Zetsuban: Very nice, I'd love to see more animations with... >>>
Zetsuban: Well it took 7 years but it finally happened! >>>
Zetsuban: Damn that was fast. >>>
Zetsuban: That was fast O.o >>>
Zetsuban: Btw this needs a Jailer tag. >>>
Zetsuban: As someone who's been on the receiving end of... >>>
Zetsuban: Hisako best Waifu! >>>
Zetsuban: It'd be nice if it would loop properly. >>>
Zetsuban: Why has this taken so long!? >>>
Zetsuban: I love her "Troll Face". >>>
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