bodat: terrible audio. Have a pro do it. You suck at it. >>>
bodat: he always has the buttcheeks mismatched size. >>>
bodat: Not animating on here. Have to view it on Twitter. >>>
bodat: UnderCoverFap You some kind of robophobe? >>>
bodat: He think black girls have super pink contrasting nether... >>>
bodat: If he taking a squirts in a toilet while this is happening?... >>>
bodat: horrible sound >>>
bodat: He said he would be putting sound in his vids and yet...... >>>
bodat: Welp... we know it will go to waste. >>>
bodat: Liara is pretty much canon. >>>
bodat: This isn't his normal style of coloring. >>>
bodat: "Raw" is an excuse to not put sound in it.... >>>
bodat: Sound is messed up. Can't make it half speed w/o... >>>
bodat: This running on PS3? >>>
bodat: anything beyond 5s needs sound. even if it's just... >>>
bodat: Can't imagine wasting the time to make this. >>>
bodat: Put no effort into actual sex scenes... >>>
bodat: Who gives a shyte if she's mute. She's also... >>>
bodat: Would have been better w/o the manatee hide skin. Looks... >>>
bodat: pretty good! >>>
bodat: there is a better quality version with different sound >>>
bodat: Can you imagine getting this angry over a CGI sex scene?... >>>
bodat: 2015 textures >>>
bodat: @syko136 If making material supposedly for straight... >>>
bodat: main problem is the awkward reverse playback added... >>>
bodat: He always has one buttcheek bigger than the other. >>>
bodat: Looks like a half Thai, half Indo-persian. Doesn't... >>>
bodat: @ASK Because the dude is weird and thinks ppl like... >>>
bodat: So... he shouldn't have a face? >>>
bodat: Sound matters. Especially for longer vids. The silence... >>>
bodat: @backslash the whites of her eyes are are a copper... >>>
bodat: the stiff expression (or lack thereof) is offputting >>>
bodat: @Manumer She was not dead. Obvious panting audio is... >>>
bodat: I would be better without the big gaudy anal plug.... >>>
bodat: This is an old vid, but minus the sound... completely... >>>
bodat: @Adieu That's the sound of "fudge" being... >>>
bodat: MK11 Sheeva is just trans Goro so not really futa.... >>>
bodat: that face looks r-tarded >>>
bodat: There are plenty of good translucent videos. This one... >>>
bodat: @ASK Men who like watching dicks get sucked are gay. >>>
bodat: audio pop >>>
bodat: Yeah, that wraith model looks r-tard'd >>>
bodat: that face is disgusting >>>
bodat: I don't get this imp fetish... >>>
bodat: @fatboypussy It's always the ones with the least... >>>
bodat: Is that a fossilized turd? >>>
bodat: @General_Bitch If this is gay then male on female is... >>>
bodat: Finally doing something worthwhile. Cheers! >>>
bodat: face is melting, not crying... in what universe was... >>>
bodat: Horrible ass >>>
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