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Uploader Amorales,
Tags 3D Animated Batman_(Series) Batman_Arkham_Knight Harley_Quinn Leeterr Source_Filmmaker
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Anonymous1: Kek at joker
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m41rapture: Dang this is great!
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Anonymous2: pretty good but this would be perfect if there werent a million penises dominating the screen
- Reply
NigNogs: >Not liking huge juicy cocks all over the screen
Get out of here fag
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Anonymous3: @Anonymous: how should it be porn then?
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Hardened: Yo Leetrr, here's an idea: stop making two racially homogeneous versions of the same scene. Segregation perpetuates racism, as can be seen in the comment sections on all the black versions with some arsecandle flaming anti-white sentiments every single time.

Please consider ending this meme and saving a great site from the ravages of bigotry and butthurt.
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Anonymous4: @Hardened: 'no'
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Anonymous5: @Hardened: most whities are racist not the other way around, just look who's their next target, Muslims!
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Anonymous6: @Anonymous: Muslims - while not in the vast majority - are the one targeting occidental society with bombs, and calling for the beheading of all occidental citizens, including their black, hispanic and asian inhabitants, though.
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Anonymous7: Also, let us look back at the recent content of "What people are [Negative] while black people are so [Positive] !" from this site in the recent week, and reflect of the idea that "Most whites are racist, not the other way around."
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Anonymous8: @Anonymous: There's great irony in the fact "whites are all racist," is itself a racist statement.
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cool-dude: There needs to be a Cat Woman version of this.

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