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Anonymous1: lol EDIs everywhere...and clipping.
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jackson22222: I'm not sure, but I think whoever made this, might like EDI.
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aryan826: an oldie but a goodie
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Anonymous2: deus ex music ?
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USAgent: Wish there was an emphasis on highlighting the action of multiple models getting banged instead of the camera hopping every where ever 2 seconds.
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beefers: Edi is the only character I can accept as having an "accessory" and pleasuring other girls with it. I've seen a couple of these videos and by #5 they were getting quite good but I'd still like to see a couple of improvements:

- lots more making out. If they are close enough to kiss, they should be.
- Edi on Edi action and other girls licking Edi
- Edi licking vaginas as well as using the dick. Most girls love oral.
- lots more breast sucking. If there is a breast close enough, they should be sucking it.
- focus on each scene for a minute or two before moving on.

otherwise, these are pretty good.