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CyberBrian360: Fixed Version ?
Well ive Edited/Smoothed Out "Miranda's Crutch "! Abit With (Gimp ) And Ive Touched It Up a Bit ?
Well okey ! I Admit THIS NOT MY BEAST SO FAR ?
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Throwaway420: You're getting better I'll tell you that, but I really should say you should remove the text from the pictures, or at least make a version without it.

I'd say to stop the manips/photoshops and stick to these kinds of things, works way better for you.
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CyberBrian360: Oh !
Thank You !
oh About the "Photomaniplutions/Minimaps "! ? Well the Reson Why is that if i Start a Render Someone else Will Start it "BEFORE ME "!! (Meaning That they Stell My "Idea's "! So yer Haaaa ! And Thank you Iam Happy that you Liked It (oh and if you Want Me To it (Again With-out the "Text "! " Then let me Know !

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