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Anonymous1: Fucking...finally.
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Scrubs: Hope the voice actor at least sounds like her.

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twitchthekid: Dogs

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smarty358: Underwhelming. No zombies, just some nemesis tentacle stuff and 5 secs of cerberus fucking, also that random god damn lab for no fucking reason. That dream Chris scenario was random as well and I muted it anytime she wasnt getting fucked.

No mindbreak
No zombies
No RE clothes
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Anonymous2: where the fuck is it you said it will release march 1st you fucking lairs

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smarty358: There's a mega file on /aco/ on 4chan. It's not worth your time, just tentacles, a small dream with Chris and some more tentacles.
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Anonymous3: another master piece by F.O.W no one does projects like they dmy favorite part was the nemesis encounter and the last P.O.W.

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smarty358: >the nemesis
You mean the tentacles?
>last BOW
Ah the tentacles.