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UnderCoverFap: Considering the Season 3 Clementine SFM Model is under lock and key no thanks to a certain 3D modeler-dictator, this will suffice.

Glad someone at least knows how to use XNALara/XPS 3D program and models of Season 3 Clementine to give us something.

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bigbuddah: ^ what this guy said

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coolstorybro: @UnderCoverFap: I don't understand why he can't just release the S3 model to the public, no one who has the model right now is making anything with it :/
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UnderCoverFap: @coolstorybro: To be frank, it's probably a deep-seated personal issue. Individuals who have done this like Redmenace are just guys with nothing going on in their personal lives; inferiority complexes. This is their only way to feel relevant by getting satisfaction of putting people under their thumb by denying something others want, but can't have.

It's really sad that this is the only way to feel good about themselves and I really feel sorry for them.

But I guess that's just how it is. At least Croix shared his toys with us, really miss that guy. So you know what, just enjoy what we have. Definitely gotta a lot of miles with his Sarah SFM model and I don't see her being unused anytime soon. :D
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Clementine1996: @UnderCoverFap
Well actually because no one seems to want to release a model now, i'm currently working on my own Nude Clem model, and if i finish it i will release it here for sure!
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UnderCoverFap: @Clementine1996: I appreciate it! :D

To be frank, if you make a Season 3 Clementine SFM model just as good if not better...I can think of no better way to say "fuck you" to that guy than this.

That was the whole reason I posted model releases of the early versions of XNALara/XPS Season 3 Clementine and later the SFM model was to make this a community effort.

Appreciate your help and contribution!