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Uploader chkscum,
Tags 3D Animated Beyond:_Two_Souls Jodie_Holmes Sound Source_Filmmaker
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chkscum: I haven't animated for 3 months, but I felt like trying out some new techniques. The audio has an awful 50Hz hum, but I couldn't be bothered fixing it.
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Anonymous1: Very nice, very nice :) Her face looks kinda not so beautiful, or at least the eye area...
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Scrubs: Good work.

Are you planning any loli Jodie?
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bothermenot: goddamn this shit is good

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CultLeader: nice work
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yuzokun28: My god! Beautiful!
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Dookie: The hum is better because it could be interpret as room tone. And every interior has one. No interior is absolutely quiet.
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duce2: Wrong hole