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UnderCoverFap: As much as I appreciate the creation of an Amanda De Santa, the artist is very sketchy.

Doesn't have a bio and doesn't disclose what animation program he uses. Had to do some digging and apparently he created this model with Daz Studio and animates with a program called "ilclone":

I don't trust artists who don't post discussion or are vague. Not to mention his Patreon is down.
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nickftwd: ^So you went full creeper/stalker about someone who from the looks of things doesn't want to be bothered.

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Quickneasy: You know they're serious when they dont end the comment with *fapfapfap*
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UnderCoverFap: @Quickneasy Damn skippy!

However, I will concede that judgement was unfair in my initial post. I projected my past experiences with other artists onto 3dicloneanimation, so for that I apologize. I would like to see transparency from creators as to have open dialogue. But I will admit artist don't have to disclose discussion and can just simply post their works.

I just find it frustrating when basic information is not available, fixing tags makes it more difficult. That and being logged out with every damn click. But that being said I shouldn't character assassinate based on my bias.

Better get back to the fap.