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Uploader Justausername3,
Tags 3D Ahri Animated Blender League_of_Legends Sound arhoangel audiodude
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MarllonLima777: Oh, great graphics
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Dyme: Why isn't the player working?
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Anonymous1: Thats what i was saying, gotta save as to watch.
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JohnR: Or you can just do right click on it and press Show Control Elements
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i_sniff_blue: It comes up as just the HTML5 default browser player for me, in Firefox anyway. The HTML5 <video> tag's just missing the controls and loop attributes (i.e. loop="true" controls="true"). Super easy fix, but in the meantime users can just right-click on the video to enable those options on the fly.
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wendigo: This is superb.
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TSD242: Anyone know why I can never go full screen with ublock origin enabled?

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