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FanOfGoodPics: Eveline did, in fact, escaped through a chimney the second everything went to hell. But, their deal was not over and she still required pay for her part in heist.
However, when Geralt showed up at agreed place with sack full of her part in treasure of Borsodi, pricey gems, gold and other precioza items, she took of her coat, showing him her glorious, nude, elven body, beauty that Witcher knew very well. She insisted on 'another' form of payment, and Geralt understood immediately, catching beginning of furious blush on her cheeks, and familiar smoldering gaze she gave him, taking his instantly erect cock in hand.
Truly, Geralt thought, while letting himself get carried away by wave of near-animal lust, that no elven woman he met was able to resist him, once he had her in sight.
Not that he was complaining.
In the end he gave her what she wanted, numerous times, and sack of treasures, as bonus.
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Anonymous1: ^cuck