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aryan826: nice pose ;) <3
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HaDenG: great! more!

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FanOfGoodPics: Crinfrid Reavers were NOT happy about their failure from hands of Geralt and Yennefer, and, after all these years, they eagerly took their chance at revenge...
Yennefer took to the road the second she heard about happenings at Toussaint , having grown weary of use of magic and deciding to ride a horse. It was proven to be her undoing, because she was ambushed by group of Reavers of Crinfrid. Mercenaries bound her using dimeritium shackles and set to extracting heavy price for failure of their friends in hunt for golden dragon...

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Anthony: oh fuck yeah, more hardcore stuff with Yen <3
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1060: Damn good! We need more Yennefer in chains keep up the great work.
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Anonymous1: Bit of a weird pixelation effect going on.
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Cheops: That's because I uploaded the wrong thing. This was a PS green screen experiment but I just said fuck it and left it here with no clarification.