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Uploader Rastafarian,
Tags 3D hantzgruber Heavy_Rain Madison_Paige
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XimDono: Hopefully we can get one for North from Detriot she's fucking hot.
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Diraulus: OMG yes please tell me this is rigged to be animated so we can see Madison doing some of the naughty-naughty!!

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asdfasdf: This was ripped straight from the game btw lol, I ripped her as well

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ricoaio: @XimDono: Second that. That actress is really hot
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UnderCoverFap: I'm really surprised that Madison Paige hasn't been lewded as much considering how much in-game nudity there was of her.

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LightBringer: Hoping that Detroit's PC launch means we get workable models of Kara, Chloe and more Madison. Always liked them.
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FootmanJeff: Yeah I'm still waiting for a Kara footjob. Alice too!