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grabber: Reupload, fix green screen

I added sound
Created 2 versions: rus and eng
Russian version and originals quality in here:
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wesleysave: Why did you add those visual gimmicks to stretch a 2 second animation into 37 seconds, exactly?
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erenjager: It would be better without the blur part.

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bluemage77: Yeah, I often wake up rhythmically fucking someone.

The hell's with the bells and whistles? If it's a simple animation loop, just upload it as that. Don't complicate it.
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grabber: each person understands the plot in his own way.
Nevertheless, I tried, I spent my time.

Something you do not like? Just cut out the moment where the animation with the sound goes. There are many programs for this.

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BigTimJim88: Remove the blur at the beginning and white at the end and this would be epic.