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wesker1984: Nobody know who she is and we already got a hentai of her. I'm stunned!
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Shine: Glad I wasn't the only one who 'noticed' this sexy ass MILF in the trailer. Really hope she gets plenty of screen time in the game.

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zombod: when i saw her chest i was like " oh now you've dun it."

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Silverscorpionsfm: I hope she's the first model ported from the game and the other milfs with her.
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Lolman: That is the rule 34 i know and love!Bitch doesnt even have a name we already got work
RE8 already looks great by having 4 waifu material(5 if they do Emily well)
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wesker1984: Some peoples think this woman is Alex Wesker in the fully grown Natalia body.

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Silverscorpionsfm: That's dumb usually Capcom makes each numbered release the same year of release . Re8 comes out 2021 and Natalia would be 22 plus she's living with Barry. The woman in RE8 is milf looking living in the middle of nowhere Europe. I remember all the dumbass theories behind RE2R and Re3R that were wrong oh and 7 shrugs.
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wesker1984: A leak imply Alex will be in the game and this is why many peoples think she is Alex in a grown Natalia body. She is dressed in white, she is blonde and her mannerism is similar to Alex. And her age is ambiguous with the little screen time she get in the teaser trailer.

And if Alex have taken over her body i don't think she still living with Barry once she got 18. Especially with a consciousness of a evil scientific genius.

In any case i don't think that woman is Natalex but i do believe the leak.

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Silverscorpionsfm: Ah I see I don't believe Leaks until I see proof because most RE leaks are flat out wrong or misinterpreted.
But would be interesting if Alex was in the game.

As for what I meant about Barry is he would be checking in his "daughter " regularly especially after everything that's happened. Her doing Wesker things would stick out.
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wesker1984: I agree with you, pal. I'm just curious to see how it will turn out.

I give some credits to the leaker because he is the same leaker who leaked some informations four months ago about Resident Evil 8. And all his leaks ended up being true. This is why, as of now, i tend to believe in what he recently said.

Here his leaks,

''The main villain of the game is a man called Alan R., a mysterious count living in a castle. He is the leader or at least a high ranking member of ‘The Connections.’ Alan is also mentioned in an article published by GameRant on May 15th.

The secondary villain is Natalia/Alex Wesker. There are also files hinting that Blue Umbrella is not as clean-cut as they portray themselves to be.''

He also point out Alex was the main villain when RE8 begun it cycle of development as Resident Evil: Revelations 3. But she was reoriented as a secondary villain when the game became Resident Evil 8.

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Silverscorpionsfm: I'm on the same page as you and I've seen the leaks. If it's the same guy I'm like taking everything he says with a lump of salt because he was a little right on RE2R. Re3R he got everything wrong. But for re8 so far from what we see he's on the money.

Everyone already knows blue Umbrella is shady Chris didn't trust them in re7. As for rest we'll see in time. I'm highly interested as Resident evil is my favorite gaming series outside of fps, tps etc.
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wesker1984: We are indeed on the same page!

And Resident Evil is, as my pseudo suggest, my absolute favorite video games series of all time ;)

Glad to see another big fan.
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oYlihan: Don't get me wrong, even though I love Resident Evil 4, I have a problem on the other installments that take themselves more seriously, with the gameplay and cinematic sections battling an over the top sized monster and getting all explosive in your face. Sure, Dead Space 1-2 does it right but that's because of the aliens and the sci fi setting it's going for. You could argue the same for Resident Evil and how the virus manifests itself. But take Resident Evil 7 f.e., the section from begin to defeating Marguerite, it was very on point in terms of being suspenseful, atmospheric and physiological survival horror instead of an action shooter. Onward to that boss, it all just falls apart. I hope this new game will take that criticism into account and tries to remain more consistently frightening.
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wesker1984: Still, Resident Evil 7 ended up being a great game even with the flaws you cited. But i think Capcom have taken that criticism into account or at least some of it. They said peoples complained of the lack of monsters diversity and RE8 will have a more diversified bestiary. They said RE8 will be more action oriented than RE7 but will still be a full hardcore survival-horror and will stay more consistent from the beginning to the end.