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Uploader Rastafarian,
Tags 3D Animated Blender Elise_OC Sound tyviania
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Nikushimi: So is this supposed to be a cuck/NTR scene or something? Eh. I mean, animation is smooth and pretty good. Content isn't my thing though. NTR/Cuck and Anal? Eh. Still, it's good work regardless of the content.

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Icekatana: I don't see anything in this video to suggest it is NTR/cuck. We don't know that the guy in the other room isn't just a roommate. Another great animation from Tyviania.

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sokumotanaka: People see dark skin and auto assume cuckoo or NTR racist bs
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Nikushimi: @sokumotanaka: Wasn't assuming shit. Do you see the question mark? It was a question. Honestly, I was asking cause they showed the other guy in the other room and I wasn't sure if that was the intent or if it was just "They're keeping this guy awake."

Get over yourself.
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Nikushimi: @Icekatana: Yeah, that's why I asked. I wasn't sure if they were showing him to indicate jealousy and keeping him awake or if it was to show NTR/cuck. Maybe it was her brother or something. Bit weird to show them if it isn't some kind of NTR/Cuck kink though. Still a good animation.
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tayama_rice_cooker: The guy in the other room just wants to get some sleep. I would cover my ears too if all I heard for hours was a creaking bed and moaning next door.