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Uploader RashNemain,
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RashNemain: Damn, I forgot to cut the first black frame. Goodbye thumbnail.
I made, for my first time, a creampie. It was pretty much hard to make.
I hope you like it guys! Soon a new animation. I don't know when, but it's work in progress!
If you want watch this video with a better quality or/and without the music in the background, you can find it on my patreon.
If you are interested, this is my twitter:
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McCallaX: Have to give the animator credit for at very good classic missionary position here. There is something aesthetically beautiful about this animation! It's not just straight up Porno-position with too much emphasis on the actual penetration (although there is also that angle). This feels like real sex and there is emotions to be found. Perfect! Only wish really, is that he used different models. Maybe from the Life is Strange, The Last of Us, Resident Evil or Mass Effect franchises (But that's just me).
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Esp88: Not bad, but it is kinda dark. You should use more soft lights.

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RashNemain: @McCallax Thank you, I really appreciate your comment.
I'm still learning. This is my third "long" animation and I'm trying to find my style.
I can understand what you mean about choosing different models. Not saying that Viper is a bad choice, but in the middle of this animation I was thinking if it was better choose something different, and some of the games you listed have characters that I really like.
Thank you for your feedback.

@Esp88 Yeah, I should work more on the lights.

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nikk650: For a future project, will be perfect you do something with Power girl of Injustice 2. (With the model of Nyl) :)

Fantastic works!