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shundlc: just stop
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adfhafghasfdgafg: is a youtuber
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oriondeth: you fukin tease
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Gromnir: Need to see her getting fucked and creampied by a deathclaw
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batshark: Reminds me of Mia Zarring. Nice.
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SimpleSimon: holy fuck. moar
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UnderCoverFap: All we need now is Ethan and his trusty fly swatter to give her a good thwack on that castle booty.

*ferociousfap *
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cobra: Is this guy stupid? The doors should be 7ft and she should be ducking to walk past them. This guy doesn't understand the appeal of her. G_B is too smooth-brained to wrap his head around the whole concept for her.
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RppnNppnFppn: Do this with any character and you win

Thank you bro

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