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Uploader Rastafarian,
Tags 3D Animated Blender eddysfm Mei-Ling_Zhou Overwatch Sound
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cumslut217: All these videos of Mei in the water are doing wonderful things to me. And this one ends with her wet AND covered in cum. Well, there goes my day...

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aryan826: mei good, deviating from original design bit to much for my liking though
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PahealerULT: Holy fucking hell, this is one well done blender animation with the titty overqueen Mei. The ONLY gripe(s) I have with this, is that weird dent in her belly before the video even starts; im familiar with stretch marks and other bodily conditions, but that seems like an oops with the model itself. Also the fact that the titjob has the boobs clipping into each other instead of providing proper squishing, but overall the animation is near perfect