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Uploader HVLsfm,
Tags 3D Animated Ellie HVLsfm Joel_Miller Sound Source_Filmmaker The_Last_of_Us The_Last_of_Us_Part_II
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- Reply
AO1984: Hot idea but too many needles...
- Reply
ThatgirlColdbluu91: i love it, she's beautiful make her suffer more
- Reply
Hoaji: She already in chain . The drugs is useles . ITS turn off for me
- Reply
inut2hentai: the knees pointing at the camera's top view perspective feels unnatural.
shes either extremely flexible or dislocated her thigh-hip connection
- Reply
goldeneye009: I just love seeing Ellie like this, well didn't need the drugs but I don't really mind either way
- Reply
McCallaX: WOW! This is some extreme doomsday sex if I ever saw one! All it need was some evil creepy graveyard music to set the mood... Great audio work on Joel! You just know instantly when he creampies her!

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