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mucids89: Uhhh exciting
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Spludnik: Nothing but dull vanilla from them now, shame we never got the other version of Parked
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Absolute: This looks like it's going to be amazing! Character models look just like the game. Let's hope we haven't got to wait months for a release lol.
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Venomous_Sasuage: Perfect timing. Just earlier today I was pondering if Drills ever gonna do something with adult Ellie.
I wish it was with Joel, but I guess it's better with Jessie than nothing at all.
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Waagh: Wait, is that Jesse?

Not that I mind tbh. My man Jesse deserved better in the game.
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Mitchins: like being in a better game
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Bludegeonfist111: Blah
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zafer: Why waste time doing anything with The Last of Us II Ellie when The Last of Us Ellie exists?