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Uploader JessikaN135,
Tags 3D Animated Gnome World_of_Warcraft feral feral_druid
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JessikaN135: You know - in the spirit of the beautiful worgen-on-gnome clip that appeared tonight, I'll share this one as well. Afaik never published so far.
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Triquetra: Nice to see a WoW gnome. There aren't that many clips of them compared to the other races.
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JessikaN135: Yes, absolutely, Triquetra. And that's a shame. My druid Tharion here always insists that his friends also find themselves a gnomish priestess. They're so enjoyable!
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afdtewrs: Thanks for sharing, always thought it was strange that a world of so many different creatures you only ever saw stuff with humans and pointy-eared body painted humans.
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stfunoob: is that runiclodges? Do you have more of him?