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Uploader Justausername3,
Tags 3D Animated Cassie_Cage Mortal_Kombat Sonya_Blade Sound zipling
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CreampieFan69: Is this supposed to be the "black" version? He seriously couldn't have used a darker skin tone?
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DuhBeast: cry some more, I'm sure that will make him darker lol
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naughtyfapper: weird how i could tell this was zipling just from the thumbnail
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CreampieFan69: @DuhBeast: Stfu you fucking faggot I wasn't talking to you. How about you go jump off a bridge and cut your dick off you nasty faggot pos.
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Shadowskill11: @CreampieFan69: What? You think black people only come in one color? Midnight? Just looks like a Mocha flavored brother to me. Go give him some Patreon money and ask for Midnight flavored brothers if you want more.
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FictionalCunnyOnly: @CreampieFan69: Says the faggot complaining about cock tone