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UnderCoverFap: Some criticism for the artist, you are relying too much on the physics instead of individually animating the bones.

Harley's hair is way too springy and comes off weird looking. Good animation, but focus on the small detail of concise movements.

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cumslut217: @UnderCoverFap: I see what you mean. There's a lot of potential here, but it just looks kind of off and I think you hit the nail on the head as to why. I hope the animator does see your review, because I think some great work could come out of it.
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UnderCoverFap: @cumslut217 This artist has amazing potential, but I understand why they rely on features of Blender. The programs offers many features that alleviate tedious animation difficulties. However, if you can't substitute details as high end 3D hentai requires keen animator eyes. I try to be fair in my criticism and offer fair critiques.
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cumslut217: @UnderCoverFap: I've noticed that. It's a welcome change from the pointless homophobia, sexism, and just generally ignorant vitriol. These creators work hard on the porn we all enjoy so much, so if something could be better, a fair and reasoned critique is more useful than streams of abuse and slurs. Keep up the good work. Y'know, as well as the basic human decency thing you do.
P.S Check your Private Messages
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UnderCoverFap: @cumslut217 Thanks for the compliment! :D

Well social media tends to bring the worst out of the fans toward an artist, especially when it comes to not catering to each single whim of each fan's expectation. I'm a busy boi, but I'll check my DMs soon. :3c

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