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Title 1080P Sound Version
Uploader Shiantori, avatar
Tags Animated Hinata_Hyuga KaliethVA MacStarVA Naruto Naruto_Uzumaki Sound angelyeah
Locked No
Rating Safe


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DrPavel: One day Naruto porn won't be infested with cuck crap, harem crap and cringy angry shippers crying over couples and we can get fun wholesome stuff like this
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Caedus: Maybe one day porn sites won't have people like you bitching about everything.
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UnderCoverFap: I can't say I've seen cuck hentai of Hinata toward Naurto, but this animation is a return to her original sex appeal she had before they stupidly covered her up in that awful outfit in Boruto.

As far as this scenario goes, this is cannon. I mean if sex with clones means a devil's triangle every night for Hinata, then I'd say that's win for her.