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Tags 3D Animated Bioshock Bioshock_Infinite Elizabeth SFMoneyshot Sound Source_Filmmaker Studiofow Vsmnd
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m41rapture: Holy shit Someone tell that girl to stop that god awful moaning. At least spread it out a bit so its not so annoying to listen to. Like this (Ugh........o yeah... ughugh ughhhh.......Mmmmmm yeaaa........Ughugh ughugh) ect

Not ughughughughughughuhguhgughughughughughugh for 5 mins.
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ArmedWithTeaAndSkittles: @m41rapture: Quit your bitching.
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Anonymous1: @m41rapture: Have you even watched porn
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skingrad93: Yeah, it's not as good as just using the game's voiceclips.
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mordewolt: @Anonymous: Well i did. And i watch it without sound for that exact reason.
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zshell: Best scene in bioshag and it had to be b&w...
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ThisIsChris: One of my favorite Studio FOW scenes ever.