Premium account questions

What is a premium upgrade?
Its a account upgrade that allows users exclusive site features such as:
Limited Ads (No POPS, No Video Slider, Only Top Banner, No Full Page Ads) (Live now)
Mute tags (Coming Soon)
Follow Tags (Coming Soon)
Block Users (Coming Soon)
More Features are in the works.

How much is it?
Its 10$ a month.

How long does it last?
Its monthly.

Is it Recurring?
No, it will expire on its own in 30 days and revert your account back. You can extend your account by clicking the upgrade button again.

I'm already a supporter on fanbox how do I get access?
If your already supporting at least 10$ or more Just PM/DM the admin (Rastafarian) on pixiv or here.

I upgraded how long does it take to get my account upgraded?
Its automatic using bitcoin upgrade button, 24hrs at the minimum using patreon or pixiv.

I tried to upgrade but it doesn't work?
If you submitted payment via bitcoin and it didn't go though please contact the admin (Rastafarian).

Any other question feel free to contact the admin.