Uploading Guidelines

Simple Uploading Rules 
  • Only users with a account made after 1 week can upload. Make sure your upload has at least one tag that's not including the tag me tag that's not a tag.
    No child porn if you upload child porn we will report your IP address to the FBI.
  • 3D cartoon loli and bestiality is fine but, please label it as such under ratings and Register to see these pictures.

    Video compilations are not allowed.

    Simple Tagging Guidelines
  • You can post anyone's artwork put the artist name in the tags we don't like to steal we like to promote.

    This is a Rule34 Imageboard that means your post has to include some type of character or series, and it can be from anything even an original character but they have to have a name. Tag an original character with the artist next to it like so Name_(Artist) we don't want tags to get all mixed up.

    Accepted File Extensions 
  • JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, WEBM, SWF, MP4 & FLV (MP4 and FLV Files will be converted to Webm)

    Please no Guro, Scat or Fakes