What is a bump

Hello, so what is a bump?

A bump is when you send your post back to the front page.

Why is this useful?

We get a lot of posts here and you might notice that your post might fall to the second or third page and get less views. It's been proven that content on the front page tends get 50% more views. However, with the new bump option you can give your post a boost by putting it back on the front page, and get those new eyes on it for those who missed it. It's also very useful if the source link has changed you can update the post and bump it back to the front page.

How much can I bump?

Its unlimited for users but I would advise you to not abuse it or it could result in a ban.

Where is the bump button?

Just under the edit button look for this:

user image

Can I bump anything?

No, it's only for your post.

Will anything change when I bump?

Nope everything says the same the comments, the rating, and even the date of the original posting.