Where are my tags

Due to spam the way tags work are changed for normal users.

Normal User:

Just like anonymous users when you upload your tags are sill there they are just under review by the admin. The tags will posted to the image you uploaded upon review.

Trusted User:

Trusted users are users that upload regularly and tag correctly on the site or are sfm users there tags will automatically be on there image when they upload.

How do I become a Trusted user?

You have to be a regular sfm user or a regular uploader who tags correctly. Not just uploading images and tagging just animated or 3d that's telling me your even trying. This is where the admin has to come in and figure out who the character is and if we can't figure it out it will get deleted it. Tag correctly, upload the right images, and be a long time user all these steps and I will make you a trusted user.