Where are my tags

Due to spam the way tags work are changed for normal users.

Normal User:

When you upload your tags are queued until verified by the admin or moderator, and this usually takes the maximum of 24 hours. If your images are not tagged within 24 hours please use the report button and let us know.

Trusted User:

Trusted users are users that upload and tag correctly or are artists/creators. A trusted user tags will automatically be applied to the image when they upload.

How do I become a Trusted user?

You have to be a artist/creator or frequent and consistent uploader who tags correctly, and your account will be automatically switched by the admin or moderator upon seeing this. However, just uploading images and tagging them with just one tag like animated or 3d that's telling us your not even trying. When this is done a admin or moderator has to come behind you and figure out who the character is, and if we can't figure it out it will get deleted it. This hurts your chances of become a trusted user so tag correctly, upload the right images(characters with names or from something), and be a frequent and consistent uploader. if you follow all those steps listed you will be a trusted user in no time.