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Jonny25: Wtf is going on here???
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bobi121: @Jonny25: Shepard brakes the number one rule on Omega.
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aryan826: great possition
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cammelloilmito2: @bobi121: ba dum tss
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Anonymous1: it looks like they're both angry with this situation
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ThatgirlColdbluu91: somethings off here....
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upann: Thanks for posting these here.
That Secaz bitch and his 5$ minimum paywall, still earns twice my salary in a month, serves him right.
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bobbs4: @upann: Ya fuck people working and making money

Makes twice your salary in a month... IDK stop working at fast food maybe? Go back to school? Idk.. TRY? Unless you happy but does not sound like it.