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erenjager: Thanks for ruining the rewards. Now only the $10 patrons get to see it earlier than the rest.
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Shine: Barret ain't that muthafuggin' dark.
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Colonel_Mael_Radec: @Shine: Ain't that skinny, either. I doubt the pool table could support his weight alone. One muscle flex and poof.
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Anonymous1: say no to bestiality

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Celwenil: Say NO to uneccesary comments, which basically say "Fuck you. You're such a pervert, because you fap to bestiality. I'm better than you and my comment will totally change something"
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Anonymous2: Actually most in the "3d lewds" community find beastiality hot in the large general.

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Celwenil: @Anonymous:

Pretty much yeah.
But Anon1 is trying to be edgy racist...
Nothing new here, though. Every time black animation is posted, some just use it to freely behave like a human garbage.

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Bubsy: @Celwenil: @Celwenil: aren't you triggered, Martin Luther King

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Celwenil: @Bubsy:

I'm actually white, first of all.
And I'm not actually triggered. I don't get triggered by meaningless racism. And race, culture and religions itself are completely meaningless in greater scale of humanity. Just obstacles to be broken down.

I'm simply disappointed, because this site is really good. And full of animations and art never to be found elsewhere.
But... full of complaining crybabies and racists, who drag down this website to dirt.

That's my explanation.
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Anonymous3: Tifa and Barret sex scenes are hot! Love to see more of this wild couple fucking hehe

(its just fanon fantasy, so is all cool yall!)
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majestic_117: C U C K E D
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Anonymous4: @majestic_117: Though she can`t help it but riding Barrets hard cock! Bet they fucked all the time, all allong behind their backs

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Ryzard: @Celwenil
It's not about racism. Nobody complained about blacks some years ago. However, some people started to create animations with ugly black males and suddenly this page was flooded with tons of troll animations, which were created to trigger other people. Now ALL animations, which include blacks have to suffer.

Also, a lot of people are using an unappealing shade of black. You can also use an ugly yellow skin color and call people racist towards asians. You can also use an ugly green skin color and call people racist towards space-aliens. These complains aren't about black people.

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Celwenil: @Ryzard:

Well explained. Thank You, because actually wasn't aware of this.
And I could get, that people don't want to see models which overly shiny skin, ugly or terrifying face expressions which may turn off the sex drive for someone.

But also, there's a way how to write a critique. Instead of saying "omfg another nig animation fuk u biach" they can be silent. Because silence is sometimes the best solution, if you dont like the animation. Insultsand unnecessary racism will only drive animators forward and result in more animations.

Plus even if there's a badly animated piece of art, people can always write reasonable critique, offer few tips to improve the animation or provide link to better Source Filmmaker/Blender etc models.

This all uneccesary racism and harassment result in a website decay. If people keep harassing others, insulting their works, artists or uploading users can get frustrated and quit their efforts. This all will in the end harm everyone, who was searching for few more animations.
In these days of overly sensitive people, public image is very important. And since comment section isnt moderated at all, its all on various users to at least improve the situation.
Unfortunately Rule34Hentai doesn't have a good reputation among artists due many reasons.