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Uploader LordAardvark,
Tags 3D Animated lordaardvark Princess_Zelda Samus_Aran Source_Filmmaker The_Legend_of_Zelda
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beefer: outstanding!
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chickenboo: jam it in her throat

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LordAardvark: @chickenboo: The original idea continued with Samus grabbing Zelda's head, pushing her down gently to the balls, holding her for a bit, and then facefucking her before cumming down her throat. Would have ended with Zelda pulling off, cough a bit, before giving Samus a little smile and leaning in to kiss the balls.

This took over an hour for me to put together on my shit laptop though. I'd need something like a week to make the original idea.
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Anonymous1: now all we need is a sheik variation
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supah-sassy: @LordAardvark: We can wait.
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Scrubs: Awesome.

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TPAKC: LordAardvark, i love elf zelda, please more movie with Legend of Zelda