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Uploader Justausername3,
Tags 3D Animated Daenerys_Targaryen Game_of_Thrones Source_Filmmaker
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Violater: Hot
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Scrubs: Awesome.
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Anonymous1: Her neck looks broken
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Anonymous2: what anon 1 said, awesome par the neck. I feel like the body's a little too skinny? The back looks a little off imo. Still quality animation though
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Lumipo: Is no one going to mention that this "artist" literally recorded the animation from within SFM, WITH the UI showing?
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ButthurtMod: @Lumipo:
Nobody cares, you fat fuck without friends.
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Daidarabotchi: Snip ?
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Anonymous3: I don't really get why the artist didn't just export this. Lots of tutorials.