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Uploader neko246,
Tags 3D Animated Metroid Samus_Aran Sarah_Bryant Source_Filmmaker Virtua_Fighter neko246
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neko246: help me how do i get better
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Jsmithy69: It's not bad, you just need farther shots and to be able to realize when shit's clearly clipping like her arm through her boob in the one shot
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MSSinclair: Here's how, stop doing "complex" camera work. It looks so cheap and all the amateurs do it.
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Cr3ep: Camera movements are ok. They're not easy to manage, but they don't look bad here. Transitions need to be smoother, before jumping from one scene to another make them longer and add some fade in between. Lighting is a bit too dark. Some movements look twitchy, you probably had issues while working with offset in the graph editor. It messes things up all the time. To avoid that to happen I usually make the main motion with keyframes first, then I copy the samples from the motion editor, delete the keys on the graph, and paste the samples again. This way I can work with offset without having the new keyframes messing things too much. I'm still learning myself to use the stuff, there are probably much more efficient ways to do this but sure as hell SFM is buggy as shit and needs lots of experimentation before being able to make smut properly. Just keep on trying and eventually you'll get the hang of it.
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MSSinclair: Nah, I disagree that whole wrapping around looks like shit and always will look bad in sfm.
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sirstunsalot: Please be careful of fast paced camera switching, made me dizzy watching this >.>
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neko246: I think i'll do a 4-5 second loop to work on what Cr3ep said and lighting. I can't even get 3 point lighting to look good for me. Idk how to make transitions in SFM unless I use Vegas Pro to render it again.
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Cr3ep: @neko246: To add fade to a clip just right click on the clip --> Edit Clip --> Set Fade Times. You can then adjust how long the fade should last, usually not more than 2 seconds.

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