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Uploader Hufu9,
Tags 3D Animated Lara_Croft Source_Filmmaker Tomb_Raider
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Thedark07: Not bad.
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grggrg: Noticeable improvement from the last one. More movement, facial expressions, and the animation is a bit longer. Thanks for sharing :)

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cstrike: God, the new Lara is so fucking cute.

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xamend1: Please be more original, lol
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Hufu9: @grggrg: @Thedark07: thanks! its still a lot of trial and error, but im learning :)

@xamend1: hehe yeah.. i keep it pretty simple while i try to improve.. but ill hopefully get to a point where i can be more original :)
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caffeinerush22: lighting is good, facial expression is solid. a lot better than others. individual finger movements, foot bounces on thrusts. guys wrist looks broken when he grips down. what would have made this perfect: lose the shirt, rotate the scene a smidge counter clockwise and we caught some good side boob bouncing. speaking of bouncing, the hair is goin a little nuts there. overall pretty decent. I don't find it fappable, but if this is your standard, you're on a great path.