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Anonymous1: Stop using this retarded barbie Nova piece of shit. Use the real woman from sc campaign and covert ops.

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cstrike: I agree. She looks fucking hideous.

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Anubid: Love your work
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Openheimer: @Anonymous: Dear Anonymous1, sir. First, let me add a small piece of advice over your previous commentary; it is known to most that the portrayal of the character in question in the entertainment products you relate is not a real woman, but a computer generated model.
So, as a form of answer to your, though thoroughly rude, most reasonable request, let me, if I may, require from you the above mentioned photorealistic model in the nude (a single highlighted internet address would suffice), however, should you fail to provide such precious material I would, to my regret, have to politely invite you to insert and extract a pointed and rigid object rhythmically through your own rectal cavity, sir.
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bothermenot: @Openheimer: cringe
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Anonymous2: @Openheimer: I hate to break it to you, but November Terra was modeled after a real woman, also by the "real woman" i ment it figuratively meaning the "real" model
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Tricardo: Both models are great.
This one looks more alive than the realistic one for some reason.