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UnderCoverFap: Season 3 Clementine. <3

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cathy10_12: I'm surprised we haven't gotten any more Season 3 Clementine by this point. The game's been out for quite some time. Strange. Perhaps, something will come out in the future.

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ifuckwowsluts2: i always wanted to fuck good Clementine good and hard
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Scrubs: @cathy10_12: Many SFM porters won't do loli. Croix was sadly a rarity and then the trolls chased him away.
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ShaoKahn: @ifuckwowsluts2: yeah, to bad he disappeared , i was hoping he doing an Natalia Korda model.

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ifuckwowsluts2: need more pics like this please :)
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USAgent: @Scrubs: I thought Croiz stopped because of IRL reasons.
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Anonymous1: @ifuckwowsluts2: you’re a genuine weirdo wanting to fuck kids
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Anonymous2: @ifuckwowsluts2: you’re a genuine weirdo wanting to fuck kids