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Tags Agnes_Gru Crossover Despicable_Me Edith_Gru Inside_Out Margo_Gru Mr._Peabody_and_Sherman Penny_Peterson Riley_Andersen eroPastel
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Incognitoe33: This is a sketch of a work I've commissioned from Pastel but never got it finished. Maybe at some point he will finish this, who knows.
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HentaiLover89: Beautiful
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Muumagi: Wait, when did you get this? His pixiv is completely gone and I'm worried he might moved on from all this.
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Koyol: @Muumagi:It's the sketch from his commission which hasn't been finished yet. And yeah his NSFW Pixiv was terminated and there hasn't been an update on any of his other places since August. It's sad and I hope he returns.
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DARQ: What happened to the REST of this art, everything is near gone????