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Anonymous1: I hope you can see my comment rastafarian. I want to ask how you edit those swf files to just keep these layers or remove a moving camera. I want to do it with that moving natsu x lucy animation
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test00: @Anonymous: I was the one who did this gif and I honestly dunno how it was uploaded there.
Basically, what I did was to use Sothink SWF Decompiler, opening up the flash and searching for the character animation in it (without background or you can remove the background manually if needed)

Then, record a video of it (the character animation shown with a solid color background), saving it as a mp4 video and then load that video as frames in Photoshop, removing the background color in each frames before exporting it as a .gif file

Hope it would help ! :p
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Anonymous2: @test00

First of all thanks for the quick reply.I see I Will try your technique. I have seen some swf animations where they have moving camera's and I was hoping I could remove that camera in the same way you removed the background. I uploaded this flash myself and you can see the moving camera when lucy gets fucked. It should be possible to get her full body visible during that scene and that is what I wish to do probably with other animations as well but so far have no idea how it works.

This is the one
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Anonymous3: @test00

So I have done my best but couldn't easily find a way to make a high quality and bigger size gif like yours.

I also seem to have a problem adding tags they aren't on the picture even though I added them while uploading