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harre7: One day SFM artists are going to learn how add fuck sound effects that actually don't sound disconnected from the visuals.

Some day...
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esatada: someday you'll be actually do something worthwhile and not bitching about free stuff.
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Anonymous1: @esatada: It helps them improve. You should learn what bitching is
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Anonymous2: Without criticism, there is no growth.
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edgada: i agree, it can still improve a lot
still way better the ones where they just overlay the sound of a porn scene, those are just fucking ridiculous
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xrwbyrosex: @anonymous1 it wasn't criticism, it was passive aggressive bitching
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harre7: @xrwbyrosex: You're damn right it was.
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diablo45: well if we are on about constructive criticism, creator could work on the smoothness of his animations, not that there aren't plenty of jerky animations out there, but there are examples of better too.

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