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mclovinu: I noticed darkpixel getting better over time.
Practice makes perfect.
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aryan826: very nice
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UnderCoverFap: @mclovinu: I noticed too, he's definitely taking the time to fix errors he's made from previous animations.

Just hope ego doesn't get in the way though. Time and again you see SFM animators who get decent stop listening to criticism or suggestions from their fans.

See it happen a lot here and tumblr, so hopefully darkpixel doesn't turn out like that.

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alphaangel: Lulu is wonderful
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Shine: How superfluous, you really don't need the other two Edis on the sides. How can anyone like dicks so much that they'd want to see a 'robot' futa getting a handjob?

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ilikefish: Is he ever going learn how to loop?