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Shine: Why do people feel the need to give BOTH girls dicks in these things? Isn't one enough to get the 'job' done for you? Do you really need to see another one dangling there, doing nothing and making you wonder if there's even a hole for the other dick to fuck? Because maybe there isn't and it's just clipping through her.
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rubyrubyruby: The human body is 60% water. Unless you're a futa hater. Then your body is 60% salt.
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Greasy: @rubyrubyruby: ROASTED!
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Anonymous1: Goddamn it, why does all the best stuff have to be fucking traps all the time?
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syko136: i also prefer futa on female, but what's bothering me is that magic jizz on the end of Lightning's dick.
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ChaoticX: Lol anon, you need to learn what trap means.