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6DarkRaven9: Ew white guy -1

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I_Fap_to_Mercy: Fuck.
Beat me to it.

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I_Fap_to_Mercy: Also if you're really going to give a shit about the guy in this then you should take it up with Yeero himself.
I'm sure he'll do the exact same thing Ellowas did with his D.Va + Lucio animation.
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histrider: gorgeous mercy animation
cares more about the color of the dick
come out of the closet bro
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Anonymous1: Anybody coming on to a video game porn site to be racist, really needs to evaluate their life. Because they're failing at it. And that's especially directed to the fags who show up all the time to talk about black characters, but also black racists, too.

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Patrek: @6DarkRaven9: eww, a retard
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HotRettas: wtf? white guy? please more blacks

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Quickneasy: The funny thing is I think it's a safe bet that 99% of the people that bring race up are trolling but that's just as (if not more) pathetic than genuinely being racist on a rule 34 site
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chipsgravypeas: That's some five-star excellence right there
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Anonymous2: Finally.
No negroid monekys.