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dpakoh: sex in public of course. naturally. its good position and tycus findlay is cool dude.... trapped in this suit of his with no chance of getting la.... whait what? his name is tychus findlay.... find lay? and lay have many meanings in google translation.... wow.... and in the end of Wings of Liberty he successfully find a lay for Jim... f... whatever. offtopic i guess. Lets done analisis of this pic! its cool.... butt(succubus butt), why is nova and tosh there? or wait previous pic from this dude also have that public sex stuff okay.... cool pics bro.... still mi think that sex is a pretty pretty private thingi so no high ratings of this one im sorry. position is generally exactable, mouth little bit too open.... add some commshot at least. and i didnt like lighting too much. also my drugs are wearing off so....

PS: teory of how to do this right: loose nova and tosh, position of sarah - same. mouth little bit open, knees on the bed and she is in bed with jim. location - hyperion jim raynor personal room (where he sleeps and not where he got a lot of personal, possibly hookers). jim is directly underneath her pussy and licking it. if you like little bit of pussy in the mornin, darlin.... or same positon and jim performing a face fuck. take your pick.

PS2: is toch like... looking at her mouth and thinking "i know where to put my knife in"?
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deathhand: @dpakoh:Thanks, I really wish there were more people like yourself on Tumblr. I mean, I appreciate being told that I did well and all but it would be nice to get constructive criticism once in a while. I don't mean this so much in the negative to those following me but some direction would be nice from time to time, I feel like I'm running blind most of the time.

The images followers like most I dislike and the images they hate I love. Just baffling really!

Also, I'd go more with exhibitionist sex rather than merely in public. Though the core point is humiliation.