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ThatgirlColdbluu91: ooohhhh i see that dick, can't hide from me lol
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Anonymous1: more gay porn from the faggot thats in complete denial. When are you going to come out of the closet? What retarded logic makes this straight? you are masturbating a penis. Faggot

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Celwenil: @Anonymous:

You can at least have courtesy of creating an account and then insulting, instead of posing yet another anonymous person harassing others on the internet.

It doesn't matter what logic makes this straight. And creators usually dont masturbate each time they create an animation.

Different people have different tastes. People can have their kinks, like to watch them, but never actually try in real life.
Why? Because all of this is fictional.

And if you think, your harassing will change something, you're so incredibly wrong. It's probably the opposite. If someone keeps insulting others, they'll do the opposite. Create more animations sometimes "butcher" video game characters you adore so much.
The best thing to do is remain silent and never click on these types of animations, if you're not interested in these.
I don't like futa animations at all. And probably I'll never like them.
But a lot of people do like them. A lot of people follow the artist on in various sites just to see more.
If you dislike such art, just find something suiting your tastes.
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686: @Anonymous: most people that are so openly opposed to homosexuality have latent homosexual tendencies that they are ashamed of, and such lash out at anything openly perceived as homosexual. Fun fact :)
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Anonymous2: @686: @686: in other words you are insecure and playing psychiatrist. You look so defensive with your comment, rofl keep masturbating to dicks fagg0t sooner or later just come out of the closet it will feel better
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hodr4: @686: show this to your friends are parents lets see what they think, anyone other than another insecure fagg0t like yourself would realize you are into men
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Anonymous3: @686:
Oh god, please stop, and link the source. I cant even the imagine the retarded bias liberal site thats about to be linked as well... Stop being insecure, and come out of the closet already
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brett47: The fact that this stuff gets much higher rated than anything with a woman with a vagina fucking a black guy makes me think people on here have some seriously latent homosexual issues
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Anonymous4: more gay porn
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aryan826: straight porn has dicks in it.....
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aryan826: so the only way to be straight.. is to watch gay porn of the opposite sex?