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Anonymous1: what a surprise! Not only is this terrible, he forgot to put a ni gger in it. sad white cuck aardvark worships nigs what a loser lawl
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Anonymous2: @Anonymous: Umm, he's a doctor not a janitor.
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Jonas: What is this, porn for ants?
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Anonymous3: No clue what the previous comments are on about... :/
but this was fucken great!

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Celwenil: Voice acting is absolutely amazing. Incredible.
If resolution is the issue, this video is available on pornhub.
If textures and overall quality is the issue, there's a 1080p version.

And Anon1... learn to give a constructive criticism, instead of vomiting shit. Because so far, it looks like you haven't learned to use your ass for that.
And have courtesy of writing "insult" in their full glory, instead of splitting the word. What are you afraid of, right? On the internet, everyone is anonymous, right?
Believe in it, because that's the best option in your sad, pitiful and insecure life.
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Kuhaku: @Anonymous: THat's because nigs are better than you white people duh
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syko136: better, huh, yet you still call them nigs. good job.

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LordReplacer: Scientist sounds like Watch from Tats Top Ten videos about SCPs.
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Anonymous4: @Celwenil: Who appointed you comment cop?

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Celwenil: @Anonymous:
Meh, playing cop here is pointless, unless one has the banhammer. Which isnt possible, because banning accounts and IP addresses would mean cutting part of the advertisement revenue.
And I don't want to talk to you. Yet another anonymous comment.
Plus it's pointless, because people like you just whine, insult or complain about everything without understanding the massive amount of work done by these artists.
Everyone can post a shitty comment on the internet, without knowing a single thing.
Please, go on. Post your own animation and let people insult you and your work. Go on. I'll gladly wait few years.